1 moving specialist – 20€/h

1 moving specialist with van (11m³) – 25€/h

2 moving specialists with van (11m³) – 33€/h

Outside of Tallinn  0,48€/km

1 moving specialist with tailgate truck (20m³) – 30€/h

2 moving specialists with tailgate truck (20m³) – 38€/h

Outside of Tallinn  0,60€/km

Possibilty of a trailer with tent – 10€/h

Packing materials (cardboard/plastic boxes,stretch wrap films, tapes etc.) transport  inside Tallinn – 15€

Our minimum fee is equal to one hour work. After first hour we calculate with 15 minute steps.

Special Lifting

Moving of Pianos (til 200kg) – from 80€/piece

Moving of safes (til 150kg) – from 60€/piece

Moving of safes (151 – 250kg) – from 95€/piece

*There might come up additional fees,caused by work complexity. (number of floors etc)

Utilization of old furniture and other waste materials

Price of utilization depends of our work (in compliance with our moving prices), and the weight of waste (waste station charges us per ton)

Contact us, lets discuss it, and we will make you a personal offer!


Transport  – depending on the quantity and packing units, prices vary. Ask for personal offer.

Outside of Tallinn  0,60€/km

The possibility of a trailer with tent – 10€/h

After 17.00 and on weekends +20%.